The Big Ear custom molded solid earplugs are designed for workers in high noise environments. These reusable earplugs are made to fit you, giving your ears superior protection against equipment and environmental noise.

The maximum NRR rated product in our Guardian line. Offering an unrivaled 37 dB NRR rating for the highest industrial noise environments. This product is an amazing leap forward in earplug material technology and offers the absolute best protection on the market today!

New Collection


Dual dB Reduction Industrial Earplugs

Featuring two separate levels of protection and communication in one earplug. The detachable cord allows for selectable protection between NRR 21 dB and a higher NRR 28 dB. Great for industrial environments with a wide ranging amount of noise exposure, or those that need to communicate with peers or supervisory personnel on an intermintent basis.
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